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How gifts-done works


Users create their giftees (people who they want to send gifts to) and gift events (dates that they want to send those people gifts).


If you are the supplier who best matches the giftee's preferences, we ask you if you can deliver by the event date. If you accept the event, the event shows up on your dashboard with all of the details that we have and a countdown to delivery.


You make your product, using your best judgement to incorporate the giftee preferences. When finished, you mark the event finished and upload a picture of your amazing work. You enter the cost of the product and the cost of shipping. The cost of the product and shipping, less the Stripe fee of (2.9% + 30cents), is deposited in your account.


You ship the gift and mark it as shipped. The user will review your gift to give you feedback. The giftee gets a gift. You made a couple of people happy - way to go!

What our suppliers love about gifts-done


We work with you

Our mission is to make gifting better, and our suppliers are the key to this happiness. When you have ideas or need help, we are there for you. Tell us anything. Yes, we do favorite you. Your supplier dashboard is built for ease and efficiency - see your tickets (gifts to be made and sent), submit your work, claim your earnings - all in one place.


Focus on your core

No stressful sales, just create your products and deliver them as gifts. You don't have to spend time creating listings. Our users who want to shop small business but don't have time or the capacity to search or browse through hundreds of options. We match up their giftees (friends and family) to you based on their preferences and what you make. Since we make the match, you can focus on doing what you do best - making great things.


Control your earnings

Easily see your earnings add up and get your payouts. We work with Stripe to have a custom system where you can get paid for your great work efficiently without having to sign up for another service. We do not charge any fees to our suppliers, but Stripe processing fees pass through. We guide you through this every time that you finish a gift and must submit the gift value and cost of shipping. No surprises. From Stripe, you can get a monthly payout with no fees, or choose to get paid right away for their small processing fee.

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