How It Works

How does gifts-done do this for me?


Tell us who

You create simple profiles of people to whom you want to send gifts. Include as little or as much information as you want or know. We have some prompts to help you come up with details and also a place where you can add all the quirky stuff that makes your giftee truly unique.


Tell us when

Add the dates that matter for them (or you), and any special details, like a note for the occasion. You can add several dates for a person, like their birthday and wedding anniversary - their details, like address, stay with each gift event date. Don't worry, we will remind you when we are going to send a gift, so you can update it if they move!


Curate some or all

On your dashboard, you will see all of your entered gift event dates. Once you set up payment information (we use Stripe for payment processing), you can have us curate your gifts. If you want us to take care of them for you, just tap the curate button.


We automate the process

You never worry about timing. gifts-done uses a matching algorithm to match your gift with a supplier from our select group of small businesses to create and deliver a gift for your special person for their special day. Your gift comes up for a supplier when they need it based on their workflow. They see all of the details about your gift event and giftee to provide a customized experience. Suppliers prepare each gift individually and all agree to our supplier code and will not use your giftee information for any other purpose than delivering this gift.


You stay informed

We send monthly updates of your gift data - reminding you of upcoming gifts and their status. When our supplier finishes your gift, you get an email with the actual costs, a picture, and a description. When it ships, you have access to tracking data.