Valentine Love and Hope

Do you feel it? The joy of the future? In early January, my thoughts turn toward the early signs of new life - hyacinth or crocus pushing through the snow like beacons of hope sprouting up everywhere. They are not here yet, but they will be, probably in just over a month. Phew. Also in just over a month, we will be staring down Valentine’s Day - the next acceptable holiday for us to go crazy with the chocolate and cookies.

Valentine’s Day really marks the start of the hopeful season. Those buds we only dream of today are popping up all over. The bright spots of color from those hearty flowers can’t quite match the bright spots of our loved ones. We warm up with the joy and pleasure of those we love. And it isn’t only about romantic love. Women have adopted the day to celebrate friendship and find reasons to be silly instead of sappy with the twin holiday - Galentine’s Day. Either way, this mid-February holiday is what you make it and we suggest you make it enjoyable!

After the year we have just had, Valentine’s Day gifting could go one of three ways.

1. Double down on normalcy and tradition.

Wow. We miss that don’t we? Can we please have something be like it always was? And, things don’t become beloved traditions by chance (or do they?) The top three traditional gifts are:

  • cards: you can make one yourself or grab a beautiful one from a local store or an artist directly.
  • chocolates: truffles, milk chocolates, those mystery boxes, or even a cocoa bomb - cocoa and marshmallows in a chocolate shell.
  • flowers: pick out a beautiful bouquet.
  • wine: …wait - isn’t that 4 things? while it didn’t make the top three, wine is absolutely a fine traditional gift for Valentine’s Day! Especially if you plan to share your time and enjoy a glass with them.

2. Throw tradition to the wind and give a small gift they can enjoy right away thinking of you.

You can find these in gift shops or even from your neighbor down the street. If you want to skip the traditional gift, we suggest:

  • Terrarium kits or seeds: We are already thinking about plants, why not gift them?
  • Work bag or lunch box: Returning to the office (maybe) is going to be like the first day of school, so make it count!
  • Self care kit: It is still winter after all. Help them nourish their beautiful skin and stay warm! Think of luscious lathery shave bars, relaxing bath bombs, super soft fabric eye pillows, and small batch coffee and teas.
  • Home items: They’ve been looking at the same stuff for awhile. Enliven their little cave with a cute sign, funny mug, or pictures of you together in a one of a kind frame!

3. Give them the gift of time.

This is a perfect approach if you’re working on a no spend challenge or just trying to clean up your finances. Here are a few ideas from us to get your brain juices flowing:

  • Make a great meal together
  • Grab some marshmallows and have a back yard campfire
  • Sit outside and wonder at the stars
  • Pop some popcorn and enjoy a movie at home
  • Go for a nice run or walk together
  • Jump in the car and drive out to an open park or lake to enjoy nature
  • Play your favorite tunes and have a dance party
  • Face time or zoom while you eat dinner

And will you look at that - three kinds of ways to make Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day) special. If you want to send a gift but don’t want to search for one or worry about shipping, Gifts-Done is here to help. One of our small business partners will deliver a gift from you within your budget, personalized just for your special someone based on the things you tell us.

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