How to Use Gifts Done

Using a new service can be confusing. We want everyone to feel confident when first starting out with gifts-done.


The gifts-done service is ready for you, with just your email and a password. You can get started in less than 10 seconds. Please pay attention to the email that you enter; you can reset your password through this email address.

What do you get with your registration? At no cost whatsoever, you can set up your giftees and identify their important dates. You can use that information for your own reference - and have it available all year ‘round. If you want to have us take care of your gifts - that’s the whole done part of gifts-done - you can add payment information and then you just press “curate” on any of your gift events. We use your budget and your giftee preferences to send a great gift. Our service fee is charged when the gift is finished (along with the cost of the gift and shipping). You can also become a member and pay no service fees for an entire year!

Setting up a giftee

The people who we want to send gifts to are called “giftees”. There is a section on your dashboard that always has a big button on the bottom, “Add a Giftee”. You can click that button and add information about these people. It takes just a minute to set someone up as a giftee. You will see the following fields:

  • Name - this is the full name that would go on something you mail to this person
  • Nick name - this is what you call them, like: Gramma, or Billy
  • What they call you - you may have different names for different people (their nick names for you)
  • Their shipping address - we ship to all US addresses - The most critical information about a giftee is the shipping address. Please double check that it is correct.
  • Their preferences - this is all optional, but it helps us to better select a supplier and helps them to put together a great gift for this person
giftee entry form from gifts-done dashboard

This short video (52 seconds) shows creating a new giftee.

Setting up a gift event

A gift event is a particular gift for a giftee. Typical gift events are recurring events, like birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day), and one off events, like graduations or weddings. You set the date, a note, and a budget for each gift event.

This short video (40 seconds) shows creating a new gift event for one of your giftees.

Once you have a gift event and a payment method setup, you can click the ‘curate’ button. This puts your gift event in our list of gifts to send. If it is soon, we match you with a supplier right away. If it is far off, we keep track of the date until it is close enough to engage a supplier. We will ask you to verify the address again if it has been awhile.

Are you ready to get started? Head on over to gifts-done and start enjoying better gifting today!

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