Getting the best gift matches

What kind of information should I include in preferences?

Gifts Done gives you several ways to include information to help our algorithm (and makers) deliver great gifts to your giftees. Your job is to break down what you know into words that we can understand. It sounds simple enough, but then you are staring at that cursor in the big empty “preferences” section, and you just are not sure what to write. Here, we give you a few tips on getting the best gift matches.

Tips on getting the best gift matches

Include dislikes

You can include dislikes in the preferences or in the additional section for each gift event for a person. We highly recommend that you do. Make sure they are clearly labeled as such, so we don’t go seeking out the one thing that your friend just can’t stand! Dislikes are valuable to our makers because they prevent secondary details from consideration when they won’t make your friend happy. For example, You may give favorite or preferred colors but no disliked colors - Mark may like orange and despise red. To prevent sending him something that is just a little bit off, maybe with red accents, let us know that red is a no go. The same goes for non-color preferences as well.

Describe them like you are them

How would you describe yourself to a complete stranger? You probably use words that describe an ideal self. That ideal self is the one we want to gift to. Even though you are not a complete stranger to your giftee, you can listen to how they talk to others to get where they are trying to shift their life direction. If Amy is always talking about her painting studio class to other people, you may want to add painting to her list of likes. In our experience, this is much more likely to be necessary if you do not share the interest. So, if you and Amy are painting together, this one is probably already on your radar. However, if you don’t like painting, Amy likely leaves it out of conversations between the two of you. Listen when your friends talk about themselves - they are giving you clues.

Update periodically

Updating your giftee preferences periodically can ensure that your gifts stay relevant and on point. There are two great times to update. First, any time you give a gift, update their preferences based on how they responded. It can be as simple as writing, “She loved the elephant coaster set” or leaving feedback on the gift for us to keep our makers informed. We recommend writing detailed preferences for yourself, in case you decide to get gifts without using our service. Second, when the person noticeably changes to you. We’ve all seen this, Joe goes from an avid biker to an avid TV show watcher - his interests and values will be dramatically different - he may find much less value and joy in biking related gear now.


In summary, you want to: take the time to include dislikes, consider how they describes themselves, and update periodically. The most common mistake that people make is forgetting to note things that the person absolutely does not like. That is why “dislikes” made our number one. Consider this carefully, just as you would if you were actually shopping for the person. Luckily, with the Gifts Done service, you can set it and forget it - we will remember for you.

We are always up for ways to make preferences easier and more intuitive to enter. If you have thoughts on this, you can always send us feedback.

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