Better Birthday Greetings

What do I say?

Are you a little unsure of how to approach writing a personal note. You are not alone. One of the most common questions that we get is around what to say. Here, we give you a few tips for expanding what you write. We also provide a list of simple phrases that you can use if all else fails: 20 canned Birthday Greetings.

Make their birthday special-er.

5 Tips for expanding your own birthday greeting

  1. Include a memory from the year. One of the nicest things about reading someone else’s reflection is that it lets us relive a moment. Even if the memory seems paltry, share it. You can say something like, “I am so happy that I got to see you in March for coffee - can you believe it has already been so long!”
  2. Use a fun nickname. If you usually call your friend “Nick” but sometimes, you call him “The Oranginator” because of that one time at the arcade, go ahead and bring that up. Address the note to the nickname. Caution - don’t do this if the nickname is not appreciated by your friend or loved one, or if they might not remember. People can be very confused or hurt by nicknames that are more like teasing than like good old fashioned fun.
  3. Close with a promise. Ending your note with a “Sincerely, Jo” is fine, but it can be even better to say, “Talk to you soon, Jo” This way, they not only have a great note, and likely a gift, from you, but they can also know that you are going to call or come over or plan some event.
  4. Wax poetic about their good qualities. Flattery, when done well, really does lift the spirits. Take the time to include a few words or sentences about what you like and/or love about this person. Perhaps, “I love that you always have a new joke to share - even the corny ones“ or “You always look so put together - I enjoy being jealous of your morning routine
  5. Share a historic fact from your relationship. Relationship is used rather loosely here. Sometimes, we send gifts or cards to people who we are not particularly close to. How long have you guys known each other? How many coffees/movies/late working nights have you shared? How many times has he or she saved you when things were not going well? If you can’t think of any, you can share a historic fact about the year that they were born or month. “Did you know that Austin Powers shares your birthday?”

Take these ideas and run with them. People love to read just a little from you. Gifts Done will include your personalized note (however long) with your gifts. If for some reason, your note is too long to fit in our text box, you can email it to us, and we promise to take care of it for you.

You can do this!

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