5 Fun Summer Gifts

We love summer. Do you love summer? We’ve been chatting up our friends and scrolling through Instagram, of course, to find a few fun summer gifts. Give them to yourself or someone else for whatever occasion inspires you this summer.

Our short summer gift idea list

You don’t even have to buy all of this cool stuff. We don’t link to shops or specific items because we think you can handle that part.

1. Homemade popsicles

Seriously - the probability that someone will turn down a homemade popsicle is approximately < 1%. That’s a totally scientific number that we made up, but we are pretty sure it is true.

Make popsicles your own by following one of these three approaches to make the stuff to pour into your popsicle molds, or Dixie cups if you are really fancy:

  1. Blend milk and fruit - we use coconut milk and/or heavy cream to get extra fun creaminess
  2. Make pudding - people love pudding pops - by people, we mostly mean kids
  3. Go with straight juice - these are super sweet - we cut ours with water

2. Shell or rock art

Custom make a thing with some items you collect while out exploring (note, the real gift here is that you get to go exploring to get the things! - we are so sneaky).

Collect small shells or rocks at the beach - not if you are in a leave no trace kinda place - and glue or paint them to make a friend’s name or a frame for a picture of you together. It will hold up for years as a memory of your experience.

3. Yard games

We are partial to cornhole and horseshoes because they don’t take a great amount of effort and are portable. Go ahead and gift yourself a yard game and then invite everyone over to play…again and again. It is joy on repeat to gather friends and family together. Serve up some of those popsicles!!

4. Custom insulated drinkware

You know how you want your iced drinks, well, iced? Your friends and family do, too! You can be the person who sets everyone up with insulated drinkware with a favorite saying, joke, image, or just a name. We know there are so many makers who do this sort of thing; you can probably find one in your neighborhood. Celebrate the gift of cold!

5. Waterproof fold or roll up mats

Be ready for an impromptu picnic, time at the beach, or a nap in the woods with a mat that will shield you from damp ground, bugs, and/or spiky plant parts. These mats roll or fold up, so you can just keep one in your car or go bag and bust it out in a time of need. Any time can be outside time.

We hope you have a splendid summer!

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