5 Fun Spring Gifts

Everyone is waking up and getting new energy - it is time for spring gifting! Give them to yourself or someone else for whatever occasion inspires you this spring.

Our short spring gift idea list

You don’t even have to buy all of this cool stuff. We don’t link to shops or specific items because we think you can handle that part. Don’t feel like shopping or even looking at this? Gifts Done partners with local makers to handle gifting for you.

1. Group activities

Lots of folks will sign themselves up for more outdoor or exercise classes in the spring. Really stand out by simplifying this for your loved ones by starting a group activity and inviting them or helping them sign up. We’ve seen great success with team sports, exercise classes, races, and arts programs.

2. Timed or fast cooking items

The days are getting longer, and they are also getting so full with activities and sports, and work…well, you know. Our busy friends and family can benefit from anything that is saving us time and energy. Some of the recent trends, towards modern pressure cooking, online meal planning, and even a resurgence in slow cooker use, can make everyone’s life easier. Be sure to use your own judgement here, but items to save time and effort in the kitchen are often appreciated in the spring - especially if they won’t heat up the house come summer.

3. Notebooks and pens

Spring can be a big time for planning. Like the plants, we start to plan for the future, try to sprout and grow. People buy more notebooks in the spring - well, not as many as when school starts - but still more. These notebooks are used plan summer projects and trips, among other things. Help a friend start a new adventure with a simple notebook.

4. Flip Flops

Get ready for all of that yard work or outside play with new flip flops. In spring, we start running outside with much less preparation. A new pair of flip flops, even cheap ones, can make this an easier transition to summer time. Gifting them in fun colors can help our friends be ready for anything. We know this is a weird suggestion, but trust us, people actually seem to like them.

5. Plants and seeds

Yes, yes, yes! Seeds and seedlings can be fun for everyone in spring. Little kids love to watch fast growing peas and green onions while herbs, peppers, and tomatoes are a big hit with grown ups. Spring is endless optimistic. If the plant does not make it, no one gets too heartbroken. It’s a win win.

We hope you have a joyful spring!

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