5 Fun Back To School Gifts

Even if you are not in school, the back-to-school vibe gets you. Parents, kids, and teachers are all in the thick of it. They are out buying boring things from lists, things they need, sometimes things that they don’t even want.

Our short back to school gift idea list

You can make the whole thing just a little tiny bit better with the simplest of things. Here are five fun ideas to bring joy back to school for kids and teachers (and maybe other peoples).

1. Silly erasers

Hands down, the biggest hit with all ages is erasers. Don’t go crazy - no one can use 300 erasers. A couple of well chosen ones may seem like an insignificant thing in the moment, but will be used and enjoyed many, many times. There are eraser sets for just about any taste out there, but you can’t go wrong with cute animals or puzzles.

2. Smelly anything

Do you remember scratch and sniff stickers? They are still cool. Kids and grownups love them so. There are now also smelly pencils and markers. The markers are easiest to find but likely get the least amount of use - we just don’t have occasion to marker all the time. A fun smelling pencil can be a joy to a kid - or coffee scented for the teachers. It’s all in good fun.

3. Not your average notebooks

Nope. Not the plain ones. A nice weird notebook. One with brightly colored paper, dotted, or even blank sheets. A notebook with a lock or a super fun feely cover. These are the notebooks that become journals, artbooks, screenplays, and more.

4. Key chains

Key chains are fun for keys, sure, but they are also fun for bag decorations. Help your favorite soon to be in school someone with a bag bauble. Personality matches are certainly a plus here. Personally, I have a guitar playing horseradish, and it makes me super happy, but that isn’t for everyone.

5. Washi tape

A bit more trendy than our typical gift advice, washi tape is small designer masking type tape that is perfect for adding flair to notes, journals, and decorating things. “Washi” means “Japanese paper” but the tapes, even from Japan, are masking tape - the most popular brand is MT, but there are so many different styles and colors. Even a plain roll can be put to good use in personalizing a binder or book cover.

We hope you get all As!

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