22 Self Care Ideas

How are you feeling?

Like, right now?

If you feel tense, overwhelmed, nervous, or uncomfortable, it may be time to take a self-care break.

Because we love you, we spent a few minutes coming up with a list of 22 ideas for self care. You can try these as written or build on them to come up with something that is just right for you. Don’t let our ideas hold back your creativity and expression!

  1. Sit in the sunshine
  2. Get out pencil and paper and draw a baby elephant
  3. Dig a hole
  4. Build a spaceship out of toy bricks
  5. Find some crayons and melt them together to make a giant crayon
  6. Solve a rubix cube (working: not if this will make you angry)
  7. Draw your name in bubble letters
  8. Get dressed up in a way that makes you feel fabulous and get a friend to take your picture
  9. Read a YA novel
  10. Put your headphones in, put your current favorite song on repeat and sing along
  11. List out all of the things that you are thinking about
  12. Clip your nails
  13. Take your dog, or a shelter dog, for a walk
  14. Cover your whole body with moisturizer after bathing
  15. Go to the beach or woods, try to find two things that are the same
  16. Make a blanket fort, take a snack, flashlight, and magazine inside
  17. Plant something
  18. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  19. Blow bubbles
  20. Find a kids coloring book - color an easy picture
  21. Splash in the rain
  22. Draw a maze and then solve it

A little tip - research shows that little doses of self care are critical to mental health and wellness. Constantly feeding ourselves with treats and rewards can be hazardous to that same mental health. Please self-care responsibly.

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