About Us

We want everyone to have better gifting

bitmoji of Jen and Jess, cofounders of gifts done

Us, in real life - or, our Bitmoji - they look like us

Our Short Story

Two sisters wanted to stop being terrible at gifting. We came up with the gifts-done service to solve our own challenges. Essentially, we kept telling each other the same stories about how we wanted to send gifts or had thought a long time about a gift for so-and-so and never sent it. What if there was a service where we could put in some information when we had time, and then we would just know our gifts would be sent.

You can read more about the gifts-done backstory on our blog, The Wrap

Our Mission

The mission of gifts-done to empower people to send gifts without the hassle. We know that well-intentioned people get sidetracked or overwhelmed with choices. We also want to support small businesses with meaningful orders. By providing a service that matches gifts to be sent with real suppliers who can deliver them, we tackle both sides. Automatic and personal.

Our Suppliers

We are proud to work with such a talented and enthusiastic group of suppliers. Each of our suppliers meets and accepts our small business terms. Many of our suppliers are sole proprieters working out of their own homes. Many of our suppliers are certified veteran or woman owned businesses. Our users love that their gift purchases through gifts-done help support these businesses, the backbone of our economy.


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