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gifts-done is your personal gift shopper, shipper, and recorder.
Driven by data, inspired by art, we match up gifts with creators - all day every day. One of our users said it best, "Like gifting on autopilot".

Real gifts from real people

Every gift that we send comes directly from an independent creative small business. Exactly the same high quality gifts that light up your Instagram feed and Etsy searches. Gifts-done suppliers work out of their homes, garages, and sometimes even in small shops on main street. They average 1.2 employees, and every single gift they make matters.

And you can spend exactly zero minutes searching for them.

See what you are sending

Always know what is coming. We send you an update with a photo and a description when your gift is ready to ship. You can always see past gifts on your dashboard.

real personalized gift sent by gifts-done supplier Irish Twins Soap Company
baby dinosaur gift for a small child bracelet gift selected for a graduation present
wooden wine rack selected for an anniversary gift LOVE tiles special gift selected for a wedding present

Set custom gift budgets

You stay in control of your gift budgets, including shipping. You set the minimum and maximum cost for each gift.

We will match your requirements with a supplier to deliver a great gift within your budget. Ranges are responsive, so you can see how big they are, like in these examples:


Perfect Matches

Our automated gift matching uses the power of data to pick a supplier based on the details you provide about your giftee and budget.

We care about our user privacy, so we will use the contrived example of Mike. His preferences match great with Sports Grill Fun supplier. The extra details about his preferences help the supplier get it just right, adding details in green or purple to his softball themed barbecue gift.

an example giftee with preferences we match for the perfect gift
an example of our gift matching algorithm eliminating suppliers that are not related

Personalize each Gift Note

Not only are gifts matched to your giftee preferences, you can set a different note and from name for every gift you send. That means that you can sign your card to your sweetheart with "Love Muffin" while still keeping a respectable "Darcy" for your colleagues and siblings (or use your name, whatever). Our suppliers handwrite your note and include it with your gift, just like you purchased and sent the gift from their store. If you don't come up with any words, we still include a to/from note, so the person knows that the gift is from you - no pressure.

real note image from user showing a handwritten note for a gift

People love Gifts Done

Sarena W.

"She loved the gift. It was beautifully presented and well chosen. Thank you!"

Kenneth M.

"Automated and personalized gifts, what an amazing idea. My wife loved her hand made, customized gift! Thank you, Gifts-Done, for making me look good!"

Heather C.

"This service is amazing and convenient! I will never forget a birthday again!"