Automatic and personalized gifts

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gifts-done is your personal gift shopper, shipper, and recorder.

Driven by data, inspired by art, we match up gifts with creators - all day every day.

How it works



You tell us a little about the person you want to gift



You set the budget & target date



We create something they will love - on time and in budget



Before it ships, we send you a picture of the gift, so you know what *you* sent

Win your person feels special.

Win you look amazing.

Win small business thrives.

People love gifts-done

Sarena W.

"She loved the gift. It was beautifully presented and well chosen. Thank you!"

Kenneth M.

"Automated and personalized gifts, what an amazing idea. My wife loved her hand made, customized gift! Thank you, Gifts Done, for making me look good!"

Heather C.

"This service is amazing and convenient! I will never forget a birthday again!"